Beauty Essentials Checklist

Getting ready to pack? Don't forget your makeup! Here are all the beauty essentials you'll want to have on hand for your wedding day:
  • Moisturizer. Something light if you’re in a warm client, a little thicker if you’re in a cold climate.
  • Toner or anti-shine. If you have oily skin, apply it under your moisturizer to cut down on shine.
  • Foundation. Something light and smooth that will enhance your skin tones.
  • Blusher or bronzer. You’ll be glowing already, but this will add to it.
  • Loose powder. Use it for setting the foundation and finishing your look.
  • Eyeliner. Can be liquid, pencil, or powder.
  • Waterproof mascara. A bride or two has been known to cry...
  • Eye shadow. Usually two or three shades for depth and drama.
  • Tweezers. Good to have on hand for last-minute touchups.
  • Kiss-proof lipstick. There will be kissing; make sure your groom isn’t wearing your color.
  • Lip gloss. Don’t overdo it; too much shine won’t look good in pictures.
  • Spray-on tan. For an extra glow that starts even before the wedding.
  • Hair-styling products. Gel, mousse, pomade—whatever gets your hair prepared.
  • Hair spray. For setting or touchups.
  • Hair appliances. Hair dryer, curling iron, rollers, or flat iron. (Don’t forget to pack an electrical adaptor if you’re headed to a foreign land.)

    If your location is hot or humid, add:
  • Blotting paper (this will keep you from looking shiny)
  • SPF 40 sunblock
  • Flat iron if your hair tends to frizz in the humidity
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    Ivory wedding shoes said...

    Don't forget to pack some shoe pads to make your wedding shoes more comfortable. Or, at least some flip flops in case your feet start to hurt.

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