Preppy theme Lobster Bash!

You might think being a planner that I throw parties all the time...but the truth is I don't, I am always throwing parties for clients. However, I had my first opportunity to show off my stuff for my boyfriends birthday. SO, I decided to host a lobster feast in our tiny back yard in San Francisco. It was easy, I called up my favorite vendors and rented big oversized pillows and matching napkins, mushroom heaters and low wooden tables. I found carrot and stick press.com, cute lobster place matts and made a table runner out of the striped red and white place matts. I got classic red keg cups for the Anchor Steam keg (a local SF brewery), and made red and white sangria.

Why lobster fest, well I will be honest I had just read about this caterer on daily candy; the lobster king and liked the idea of having to eat with your hands and Michael being from the east coast would appreciate good old live Maine lobster! So I wanted to bring back the east and have some fun with the theme. Well it worked, both the surprise and the sit down dinner. Although low seating is not always the most comfortable and often requires a smaller crowd and younger guests, it worked perfect for this group.

Down and dirty the caterer just dumped the steamed goodies down the center of the table. Why the preppy theme? I don't really know maybe it goes with lobster fests from my Connecticut upbringing...??? but everyone had so much fun dressing up, including me. You would never catch me in hot pink and green in the same outfit but it worked rather well since my office mate loves preppy and let me borrow her favorite outfit.

I am very very blessed that my best friend happens to be an amazing photographer so thank you to Thayer Allyson Gowdy of Little White Dress, for taking these beautiful photos!


Jillian said...


This looks like a blast...very inspiring for when I won't to throw a party : )


Maryann said...

Where did you rent those low tables?

Alison Events said...

The tables are from Classic Party Rentals and are called the Descanso table. They come in various heights and are perfect for floor seating.

Steph said...

LOVE this idea. Very inspiring. Do you mind if I share on my blog? I will make sure to link you back. Cheers!
-Stephanie, www.modernhostess.wordpress.com

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