Destination Weddings; The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding from Afar

Are You Destined For A Destination Wedding?

As many of you know, Alison has written her first book published by Chronicle books. It is a how to guide on planning a wedding from afar and will be available for purchase in the next couple of weeks. You can pre-purchase the book via Amazon or go directly to the Chronicle web-site to get it. Over the next couple of weeks will be giving you a sneak peak to what is inside. So we thought we would start with a quiz to see if you are even destined to have a destination wedding! Let us know how you do:)

When it comes to travel:
a) I can take it or leave it; I usually just travel for work or fly home to visit my parents.
b) It’s a lot of trouble, but it’s almost always worth it.
c) I’ll go anywhere, anytime: What’s life if not an adventure?

When it comes to my wedding, I want:
a) Perfection over adventure; everything should go off without a hitch.
b) Something more unique, even if it means sacrificing control.
c) An event that people will remember forever—a real adventure!

When I picture who will be at my wedding:
a) It’s my special day, and I want to be surrounded by tons of friends, family, and co-workers.
b) I have a list of must-have guests, and the rest are just icing on the wedding cake.
c) I want a small, intimate wedding with a select group of people we’re closest to.

My family and my fiancĂ©’s family:
a) Get along great and live in the same state or even town.
b) Have met before and live in the same approximate part of the country.
c) Don’t really know each other and live a million miles apart.

Which of the following describes your feelings:
a) It’s important to follow tradition if you want your wedding to be meaningful.
b) It’s important to strike the right balance of respecting tradition while doing your own thing.
c) It’s important to be unique if you want your wedding to be memorable.

I want my wedding to be:
a) A one- or two-day event where I can visit with people at the reception, then get on with my honeymoon.
b) A several-day event where I can have more than one opportunity to visit with my guests.
c) A group vacation where everyone can really get to know each other and I can spend quality time with everyone.

For my honeymoon, I’d rather:
a) Sneak away where no one has any idea where we are or how to find us.
b) Have the option of seeing other people if we want.
c) Hang out with my friends and family and still be able to sneak off at the end of the day.

My guest list is made up of people who:
a) Are elderly, don’t like to travel, are on a fixed income, and have to be there or my day will be ruined.
b) A lot of friends, but also a lot of people whose feelings I don’t want to hurt.
c) People who will come no matter where I have the wedding.

When things go wrong:
a) It ruins everything, including my day.
b) I’m pretty good at rolling with the punches.
c) I think, “This will make a great story someday!”

There are no right or wrong answers, but, generally speaking, if you have:

Mostly A’s:

Proceed with caution. Odds are, you’re inspired more by a particular location than just the idea of a destination wedding. To pull it off, you might have to make some sacrifices; this book can help you decide whether the rewards will outweigh the drawbacks.

Mostly B’s:

There’s a good chance you’ll love having a destination wedding. There might be a couple of trade-offs, but in the end, it will be absolutely worthwhile.

Mostly C’s:

Start packing! You’re the perfect candidate for a destination wedding!


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Inviting Company said...

SO i am all A's. But I still love beach weddings! Cute idea!!

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