Site Visit-Nick's Cove: An Homage to Summer

A couple of months ago I went to Tomales Bay for the weekend (which is about an hour North from San Francisco near Point Reyes). A friend gave us a gift certificate for a night at Nick's Cove which opened a few years ago. It's owned by Pat Kuletto, who operates several restaurants in SF, he's known for putting together an amazing wine list and fresh california cuisine. It was so lovely to get away from our busy lives and be out of cell phone range! It was a classic San Francisco day--sunny in the day with temperatures in the mid 60's, then the fog rolled in at night and a chill was in the air.

Anyway, Michael loves taking photos so we brought his Cannon 5D and I got a sweet tutorial on using it, since I think I might inherit his camera (the newer ones have video capability, so he'll probably upgrade). I love taking photos too and I'm kinda tired of using my little digital and getting just ok photos when I could be getting epic photos. We took pictures all afternoon then ordered a bottle of wine and room service. We read the NY Times, all our travel magazines, listened to music and just chilled out. It was so lovely.

Naturally, we went back to the city and our lives took off on full speed again and I forgot to post this great little adventure, but hope you enjoy these thoughts of summer.

Oh and FYI, Nicks Cove does weddings, but it's pretty small so it would be best for a group of 20-40 and you would want to occupy all the rooms so you could take it over. Or at least thats my opinion. Another place we love in Inverness that has a similar vibe is Manka's Inverness Lodge. We have done several weddings there so check out our web-site to see more.



LaFleur Weddings & Events said...

One of my favorite places!! I love it there!

UC Davis Good Life Garden said...

Looks awesome! When we go there we like to picnic at Hog Island Oyster Farm. Next time we'll have to make a weekend out of it! Thanks!

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