NEW OFFICE! yahooooooooo

So some of you may know we have moved to a new office, actually across the city close to my new home and near the design center, amazing cafe's, all the caterers and designers we love....
We rented a very raw/commercial/industrial space so we had to go in and basically create a new space that felt modern and unique and fun and eclectic with a lot of custom elements. Good thing we are event designers and the company in which we keep are art & creative directors, photographers, interior designers, architects, graphic designers, strategic marketing partners, builders, fabricators, industrial designers, creative writers, bla bla bla. We have some cool peeps we surround ourself with huh!

So here is the first mood board for furniture for our collaborative meeting space. My amazing boyfriend and I came up with over some margarita's and a lazy holiday friday night... Enjoy! It comes from obsessive research and a passion for things to reflect who we are in the world and as a couple. So essentially this is the mood board for not only our new design space but who my boyfriend are I are as a couple? We both like clean lines and design classics but also enjoy incorporating in our own home vintage, earthy & organic. We have tons and tons of photo, architecture, and garden books and enjoy the process of creating things authentically.

Some you may think WHOA way too modern... but, this is JUST for the bar/conference table.....so many more natural elements to the space. If you are into classic or garden we are too. Just come into our process for a moment.

alison (and michael)


dean said...

I'd love to be of some help. I build all recycled wood furniture in Fairfax (Marin). Check out my blog!

Olive-Route said...

going through my daily blog reads--saw these chairs and conf table and thought you might like!

modern but the leather warms it up a bit:

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