Happy Birthday Kelsey!!

Last week was our very own Kelsey Sheofsky’s birthday. Here at Alison Events, we take every opportunity we get to celebrate. So, we decided to throw her a less-than-surprising-kickoff-birthday-party.

For those of you who know us, it should come as no surprise that we started planning this birthday bash months in advance, held late-night brainstorming sessions and created beautiful inspiration boards based on a citrus color palette. And then we got really busy. And then everyone was going out of town. And then we remembered Kelsey hates surprises. And then… well, we decided to just cut to the chase and make Kelsey’s birthday into a fun day at the office.

Our dear Kelsey lives off of a steady diet of soup, string cheese, almonds and the occasional handful of goldfish or English muffin. So, we figured that for her special day, we would provide her with these items, which she so clearly enjoys. Kelsey’s gift table included 29 cans of soup, 29 individually wrapped string cheese sticks, 29 almonds, 29 cheddar goldfish, $29 worth of nonfat lattes, and an English muffin/cream cheese/strawberry tower in lieu of a cake.

In addition to bestowing upon Kelsey these delicious treats, we also decorated the office meeting table with colorful flowers and candles that will continue to brighten up her home throughout the week to come.

After singing our best rendition of “happy birthday,” with our IT guy leading the song, we topped the celebration off with homemade brownies. To be honest, it was pretty much the best birthday party we’ve ever thrown in our office.

Eat your hearts out…

Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

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