Favorite Things Part iii.

And now for the top ten things Alyssa is currently digging. Drumroll, please...

1. Dying to have this map hanging on my wall, with pins sticking out of every which continent I can get my feet into.

2. Denmark. I'm obsessed with everything fashion and/or design related coming out of Copenhagen right now. Particularly loving Margit Brandt and Stine Goya. Neither have great websites, but their rtw collections are pretty rad.

3. Old Crow Farm on Etsy.

4. Anthropologie's Ikat folding chairs.

5. Abita beer. My heart and soul.

6. Le Labo's vintage pail candles smell delish and are so adorable.

7. There's this amazing boutique in NYC that I'm really missing right now called In God We Trust.

8. I actually hate giving this away, but another amazing NYC boutique is Stella Dallas. It's in Williamsburg and has the most epic collection of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories on the planet. They recently opened a home store that makes my heart race.

9. I'm way late on the bandwagon, but now that I'm on it, I can't stop watching Madmen.

10. Babies!!


Elizabeth said...

Ah I live a block away from Stella Dallas!! Isn't it the BEST?!

vanessa said...

I was wayyyy late on the bandwagon also, but just finished all three seasons of Mad Men in RECORD time! So addicted! Between Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks, I really don't know who is more beautiful. Hooray for curves : )

Claire said...

I really love candles. The vintage pail candles are wonderful.

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