AE Dream Destination: COLORADO

After spending a week on Lake Michigan, the Alison Events team has decided that our next dream wedding destination is Colorado. We would absolutely L-O-V-E to do a wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch or Dunton Hot Springs!! So, if you or anyone you know is considering a wedding in the lovely state of C.O., give us a shout. And if you've planned a wedding or even attended one at either of these epic resorts, we'd love to hear about that too!

Is it possible that we might actually be craving winter? The smell of fresh snow, hot chocolate, log cabins... See, we're already feeling the inspiration!!


Annie said...

I just found your blog the other day and love it!!

I have to agree with you that Colorado is a dream destination to get married. I got married last July at The Sanctuary, right outside of Castle Rock in Colorado, so I am a little partial.

I did look into possibly getting married in southwest Colorado at this beautiful ranch in Mosca - The Zapata Ranch. It is in the San Luis Valley right up against the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It is a working cattle and buffalo ranch and has a beautiful lodge nestled into it.

This location seems to fit along with the other destination weddings you discuss. I just wanted to give them a little love as it truly is one of the most remarkable places in Colorado. Feel free to check them out here - http://zranch.org/index.html or at their blog - http://bit.ly/du8pYJ

I look forward to reading more! Plus, I can't wait to check the San Francisco Street Food Fair! Yum!!

Dina said...

Love these pictures...especially the last one!

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