Vancouver Destination Wedding

We recently planned this amazing wedding in Vancouver. It's still up in the air who is going to publish this wedding, but we are obsessed and so we thought we could show you the behind the scenes for now. We are dying to show off the pro photos and you'll have to keep checking back for those, as they will end up here on the blog once they've been published.

Vancouver rocks. First off, I had to be literally dragged back onto the plane after the wedding. I fell in love with Vancouver and in the 72 hours of the site visit, I managed to bike all around the island, run every trail I could find and hit every health food store in sight... Meanwhile, Kelsey laid back and researched where to eat and drink.

The Olympics were taking place at the chosen venue (the Vancouver Convention Center) up until a month prior to the wedding, my team was unable to get into the space to see it until the wedding month. So, all of our designs and the floor plan were based on drawings without any real vision of what the room looked like. Once we got into the venue to see it, we made a few tweaks and changes, but found that the vision we had in mind worked wonderfully with the space. By bringing in an earthy, natural, outdoorsy feel, we were able to transform the convention space into a modern oasis.

Our plan was to ship in linens from California, but because of strict customs rules, we were afraid the linens might get stuck in customs. Thus, we decided to pack and carry 225 lbs of linens in our suitcases, paying hefty overweight charges and powering through extremely sore arms and backs to get them to Vancouver. Of course, when we arrived to the venue, the linens had shifted and were completely wrinkled, requiring us to spend the entire day before the wedding steaming them.

In order to staff appropriately for a wedding of 250 guests, we hired an amazing local producer her friend to assist with set up, which was helpful on a number of levels. It's always great to have a local on-site for weddings.

With tons of research, we were able to find the best rental company, a super accomodating lounge rental company and a really flexible florist who took great art direction.

DJ Blue rocked the dance floor as he always does... Seriously, always.

Friends and family came from all over Canada and the States. And although it rained the day of the wedding, people were still beaming with happiness.

We were so bummed to leave, but will definitely be back. Vancouver, you better watch out! We are waiting and doing rain dances for our next Canadian proposal.



wedding invitation kits said...

So jealous. You got to go to Palm Beach? My favorite place in Florida. Photos are wonderful. Looks like you had a great time.

Cindy said...

Looks like it was a great wedding! Congrats

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