Cool Couple Alert

We say it all the time and don't mean to continue bragging, but we are so, so very lucky to have the most interesting, inspiring, well rounded, adventurous people surrounding us, that we call our clients. Laura and Dustin are no exception. This couple got married in a small, private ceremony last year, then embarked on a trip around the world together. By the end of their trip, they will have been gone for 365 days and visited twenty countries. And you thought your honeymoon was cool.

We're looking forward to their safe return at the end of the month, followed by a big welcome home and wedding reception for their friends and family that we'll be cooking up this summer. In the meantime, we thought you too might enjoy reading about this witty couple's travels and oohing and aahing over some of their pretty pictures.

Click here to check out their adventures abroad!

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