AE Loves Mexico!

Being that destination weddings are our specialty, people ask us all the time what our favorite destination is. While it's a really tough question to answer, we all agree that Mexico is the best location for a destination wedding. It's gorgeous, tropical, easy to get to, affordable, rich in culture, and delicious. In celebration of our love for all things Mexico, we'll be posting a set of photos each day this week featuring weddings and locations we love in the big MX.

Reasons to have a destination wedding: you'll have lots of extra time to spend with family and friends since they'll likely spend the whole weekend with you, you'll probably end up with a lower guest count since not everyone will be able to travel (i.e. lower cost for you), no pressure on any of your family members to entertain, and it's so relaxing to be far removed from your every day norm.

If you're considering a wedding in Mexico, we highly recommend Tulum, Saladita and Zihuatanejo (Troncones Beach is amazing and there's a cute town called Saladita nearby for day trips). Each town has its own personality and culture, from the quiet little surf town of Saladita to the more action-oriented Cabo and Tulum, which falls somewhere between the two. Virgin America flies direct from SF to Cabo and Cancun (about an hour and a half drive from Tulum). Zihuatanejo has its own airport. Virgin also flies direct from NYC to Cabo and from LA to Cancun.

Check back tomorrow for setup photos from a wedding we did in Tulum this past weekend!

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