Happy Americana Day!

Memorial Day always has me day dreaming of bike rides along the beaches of Cape Cod, fresh lobster and crab, salty dogs... I could keep going, but I'll spare you my sentimentality. In short, I'm in the mood for an East Coast wedding. I'd love to escape to Woods Hole for a weekend and throw a party on the coastline. For those unfamiliar with Woods Hole, it's the sleepiest little town on the coast with an amazing bakery called Pie in the Sky, that has been around well over twenty years and bakes the most delicious cinnamon buns (dare I say, in the whole world). There are amazing little bike trails all along the beaches and through sweet little patches of town as well. If that's not enough to keep you busy, of course there's also surfing, golf, bonfires, whale watching, sailing, or just lounging on the beach with a good old book.

The Cape is very family oriented, so if you have a wedding out there, guests traveling with kids will love you, but those traveling without kids can find plenty of romantic getaway options that are kid-free as well. You can kick the weekend off with a big outdoor lobster bash, complete with arnold palmers and easy to drink salt-rimmed greyhounds for the adults. Then, you can set up a big, white Sperry tent on the beach for the wedding day and spend the night dancing away with the sounds of the ocean in the background, maybe you even set up a bonfire on the beach to end the night with s'mores and fireworks. On Sunday, you can let people recoup on their own by the shore line, or you can throw a farewell feast, plentiful with homemade pies and quiches (or pick some up from Pie in the Sky).

Takes me back to our photo shoot that was featured in Elegant Bride circa 2009. Also very east coast feeling...

Credit where it's due: lobster + beach shots by the unstoppable Thayer Allyson Gowdy, cute whale pillow from West Elm, Cape Cod Tote from Map Totes, yummy drink shot by Mel Barlow


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