NY Gay Marriage in the News

So, it's no secret that NY legalized Gay Marriage and it went into effect earlier this week... But, we've been reading articles from all over the place that are in full support of same-sex marriage and it's nothing short of completely awesome. So, thought we'd keep you on top of current events by sharing some articles we've really enjoyed reading so far. Also, how great is the cover of the New Yorker this week?! We're headed in such a great direction and can't wait for the rest of the country to follow suit.

You can read about Pop-Up Ribbon Chapels in NYC on Refinery29

You can check out an awesome slideshow from New York Magazine of gay weddings and happenings on the streets of NYC this week

The Huffington Post wrote an interesting article about the economic boost gay marriage could potentially supply for the state of New York

Fascinating poll on the New York Times website, surveying young New Yorkers and their opinions of gay marriage

Last one, but this is interesting article from NPR about the impact New York may or may not have on the rest of the country's outlook on gay marriage

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