Destination Wedding: Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

Since we specialize in destination weddings, we're always on the lookout for the coolest new places to have weddings. A big topic of conversation over the past couple of years has been ranch weddings. We're not talking about weddings on chic, modern ranches, but rather the kind of place you can take the whole family for a weekend getaway filled with horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, whitewater rafting and just simple relaxation. As total city folk, there's nothing more idyllic and utterly appealing than running off to a place that's off the charts for a few days free of cell phone service and quite frankly, noise. As much as we love the hum drum of city life, there's something so refreshingly romantic about the countryside, especially if you're surrounded by big blue skies and mountains.

The Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch is an amazing old world guest ranch that's tucked away in the sawtooth mountains, about an hour outside of Sun Valley, in a little town called Stanley (pop: 2,703). The ranch was built back in the 1920s and is a series of small log cabins with modern amenities that remains architecturally very true to its original structure.

In a way, the place almost invokes a summer camp type feel, in the sense that there are so many activities you can take part in, whether it's a crash course in fly fishing or a storytelling hour with a local novelist, there's always something going on. Yet, there's also space for down time if you need to just check out for a while.

We love the idea of doing a four day wedding at the ranch, because you can map out optional activitiesr each day, which can be customized according to the events you think your group might be interested in. Then, you can go off-site for the evening wedding events. There are plenty of big, expansive open fields in the area if you wanted to dine in the grass or under a tent. Plus, the ranch itself has a pretty darn cute restaurant for a reception.

Okay, I'm going to stop gushing about how much I love big, beautiful, blue skyed Idaho with all its golden hills and big mountains and trees. In the meantime, let us know if you're considering a ranch venue for your wedding, we'd be happy to share many other venues that might interest you!



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Hindsight Bride said...

It looks like guests would have the time of their lives here!

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