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To celebrate the holidays this year, we invited a few of our friends over to Potrero Hill for a good old fashioned game of Sloshball. Yep, that's right. And by friends, we mean all the wonderful vendors we team up with for our Bay Area events throughout the year. The idea was that everyone would come dressed with at least one piece of flair, then we'd play a simple game of kickball with beer. Well, one game quickly turned into two and we learned entirely too much about the competitive nature of all our friends, but it was a blast. Hope the pics are good proof of how much fun we all have on and off the field.

 Oh, and there's a video too. It's probably the best part of this post, so don't forget to check it out. Slosh Ball Video by Tod Owsley

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Unknown said...

How on Earth did I miss this!? It looks like such a great time. Then again, I have a bum arch in my right foot, so I probably wouldn't have been a good player right now. :-)

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