for japan with love

For Japan With Love

In honor of the victims of Japan's devastating earthquake, bloggers have united for a day of silence. In the past week, we've all heard the horror stories, seen the unbelievable images and been rocked emotionally by this disaster. Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged put together a great site for donations, which you can access by clicking this link. Proceeds will go to Shelter Box USA, providing disaster relief to victims of natural disasters around the world.

We're now faced with daily sensational reports of the next big quake, predicted to hit close to home for us Northern Californians and while there's no certainty to the predictions, we do think it's important for everyone to be prepared at all times. So, we ask that if you live in the Bay Area, please visit 72 Hours for guidance in how to put together an emergency plan for you and your loved ones. You can also register for text alerts and get tips about what you should do during an earthquake at home, in the office, driving, etc.

Our hearts go out to all of our friends in Japan...


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hosted outlook said...

My prayers are with Japan!! God Bless all!

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