Costanoa Wedding

Our clients wanted a "Beatles Go To India" feel for their wedding because of their love for all things Beatles and their planned Honeymoon to India.  They wanted a weekend long celebration where they could hang out with all their favorite people.  Event Designer, Nicole Sillapere took the couple's vision and made it a reality.  The wedding took place overlooking the Pescadero valley.  In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, they had all the guests bring books to start their library.  One of the tents served as the library for the weekend complete with bookshelves for the gift books.  The large reception tent was a surprise to the couple as they didn't want to know what anything was going to look like.  The tent housed an enormous Buddah, circus performers, and an amazing soul band, Stymie and The Pimp Jones Love Orchestra.  Jesse Leake captured the entire weekend beautifully on film.  

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emily said...

This wedding is incredible!! You guys did a fantastic job.

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