Are you destined for a destination wedding?

By the time a bride-to-be calls us, chances are she's already decided on a destination wedding.  But what if you're not sure?  Some people want a traditional hometown wedding;  some people want an exotic, unique wedding;  but lots of people are in between and could go either way.  Here are a few things to think about to decide if a destination wedding is for you.

A destination wedding is most ideal for the couple who loves to travel, has a sense of adventure, and wants to do things their own way.  If a cookie-cutter wedding just won't cut it, a destination wedding allows you to toss the rule books and not worry about other people's expectations.  By doing so, your wedding is much more likely to be unique, memorable, and a true reflection of who you are as a couple.

Another thing to think about is that at a traditional wedding, you might only get to spend a few minutes with each guest.  But destination weddings usually unfold over several days--sometimes even as much as a week--giving you a chance to really spend time with the people you love.  Everyone is more relaxed, nobody has to feel like they have to entertain or play host, and your friends and family will all get a chance to get to know each other.

But not everybody is cut out for a destination wedding.  If you prefer perfection over adventure, and won't be happy unless the wedding goes off without a hitch, then you might prefer planning something closer to home where nothing is left to chance.  However, if you're willing to have your wedding be an adventure, you can guarantee that it will be an amazing memory for you and your guests.

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Eric said...

In my experience, a destination wedding can actually cost LESS than a traditional full-blown wedding. The guest list is smaller, the resorts usually have great package deals for the couple and guests, and everybody gets to have a little vacation.

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