Some venues just decorate themselves

One of the great things about a destination wedding is that if you pick the right location, your wedding will automatically be fabulous with very little effort.  If you have your wedding reception in a big, boxy ballroom, you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to dress it up.  But a venue that already has tons of character needs very little decorating.  Beaches are especially great, because they don't need big floral arrangements to be stunning (especially at sunset!).

Check out the pictures of this great new venue in Mexico's Riviera Maya.  Stone walls, crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, lush vegetation....Really-what could you possibly do to make it look any nicer?  All you need is some guests, free-flowing margarita's and Cerveza, fresh local cuisine, a mexican treo for ceremony followed by a Dj and voila! Instant bliss!   

Coqui Coqui is located in Tulum, Mexico in the Riviera Maya

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