Sometimes Wedding Planners are Bridesmaids, Too!

As a wedding planner, most weddings I attend are for work. But this past weekend, I got to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of my very dearest friends, Charlotte. It was so much fun getting to just relax and enjoy the weekend and not having to act in an official capacity. It also gave me some good insight to look at things from a different perspective.

One thing I really appreciated is that Charlotte didn't put us to work like a lot of brides do, especially since weddings are usually all about work for me. It was so nice to just be able to hang out before the wedding and not have to frantically rush around following all the bride's orders. (Believe me it happens.)

We had a blast at the welcome party, which was an informal gathering on the beach across the street where all the guests were staying. The ceremony and reception were at Charlotte's parents house, which, as you can see, was right on the water.

The food at the reception was served buffet style, and I have to say it gave me a whole new appreciation for buffets over a formal plated sit down dinner. There was lots of variety and everything was delicious, plus it
made everything feel really

Another thing I really loved was the wedding favors, she gave each guest a book of love poems by Pablo Neruda. It was a unique and romantic touch, and the book had a great design that fit perfectly with the tone of the wedding.

The DJ, Dave Baily (who was flown in from San Francisco and whom I work with all the time) rocked it out all night long till we jumped on the open-air trolley back the hotel.

Everything was perfect- I could not have planned it better myself!

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Lara Casey said...

I love the table decor! The multi-colored glass containers are fabulous!

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