Mother's Day Thoughts on Including Mom

Sunday is Mother's Day, and what better time to talk about ways to include Mom in your wedding? It's always interesting to watch the dynamic between brides and their mothers. And more than one bride has ended up feeling like mom thinks it's their special day.

Proactively including your mother in the planning can go a long way towards making her feel like she's a part of things. But don't be afraid to gently remind her that it's your wedding and that you get to make the final call.

It's also nice to include your mom in the ceremony itself. Having both moms light a unity candle is a lovely symbolic tradition. But since a lot of destination weddings take place outdoors, a candle might not be practical.

Both moms could pour sand from two separate containers into a clear glass container symbolizing the same thing as the unity candle, the coming together of two families into one--which is an especially nice touch if you come from two different coasts. Or you could borrow from the Mexican tradition of the wedding lasso and have your moms encircle you and your husband with rosary beads or a flower "rope."

Depending on your relationship with your dad, you might even prefer to have your mom walk you down the aisle. (Especially if you have both a dad and stepfather you're close to and don't want to have to choose between them!)

Remember: the more you include your mother, the less likely she'll feel like she has to insert herself into the proceedings, and the more likely the event will be a treasured memory rather than end up being a sore spot.

Now: go call your Mom and tell her you love her!

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