Budgeting for a Destination Wedding

In any wedding workbook, you'll find a budget page where you plan for all the standard wedding expenses (like your dress, your flowers and all that food you'll be serving to your guests). But what if you're having a destination wedding? Below are some costs that are specific to destination weddings that aren't usually mentioned in standard wedding budgets:

  • Site visit. You’ll want to visit your destination at least once to check out venues and meet with potential vendors.

  • Wedding travel. Includes airfare, accommodations, car rental, and meals and entertainment.

  • Flying in vendors or officiant. If you hire someone who doesn't live in your destination, you’ll be expected to pay their airfare, accommodations, local travel expenses, and per diem.

  • Group activities. You'll probably be hosting other events over the weekend, such as a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, and/or departure brunch.

  • Subsidizing expenses. You might choose to help out with other people’s travel expenses or offer to pay for their bridesmaids’ dresses.

  • Shipping. Leave a little room in the budget for sending programs, signage, linens, or other items to your destination.

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