YAY! Same Sex weddings legal in NY

Yesterday, hundreds of same-sex couples, from retirees to college students, rushed to town hall offices across New York to legally wed for the first time in the state's history. New York is the sixth and largest state to allow same-sex marriage and we hope California won't fall far behind. As you all remember we were very close a couple of years ago, but the rights were promptly taken away.

To celebrate New York's victory, we wanted to post some of our favorite weddings from California. Today, we are featuring two of the most gorgeous men we know, Joe and Lallo. Stay tuned for the beautiful Margo and Dawn later this week!

Back when we were CLOSE to becoming legal in SF, Alison was interviewd by both CBS and NBC. Click here for a link to that interview.

Thanks to Adi Nevo for her beautiful photos.

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Georgina Szabo said...

Hey Alison-- great interview!!

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