Flower Market Fun in Italy

For our recent wedding in Italy, our Creative Director, Kelsey, and Danielle from Brown Paper Design took a trip to the flower market in Pompei to make some last minute purchases. When pre-ordering flowers in foreign countries we don't always get what we ask for so the local flower market is essential for filling in the blanks. It's also a really fun way to learn about what grows locally in an area. Kelsey and Danielle hired a driver to take them to the market and act as their translator while shopping. He even helped carry out all the purchases and pack the trunk full of flowers. What a sport!

Gorgeous sunrise on the way to the market.

Danielle making a deal.

Packing the Jag. It almost didn't all fit.



Sandra Fazzino said...

brava! if you ever should need a photographer in italy for one of your destination weddings, i travel there often to see family and have places to stay in modena, milan and florence - and sicily, too. AND devo dire che parlo l'italiano!!!! {i speak italian!} - :0) http:www.sandrafazzino.com

The Tame Lion said...

Awesome! Fantastic!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, I enjoyed the visit. :)

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