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The flowers will wilt, the band will be no more than a tune you hum in your head, and the wedding cake will be digested before your guests even board their return flights. But your wedding photos will always stay with you.

Of course you’ll want a photographer you can relate to. But the most important thing is that you like what you see in their portfolio. Avoid photographers whose subjects seem overly posed or who specialize in trite, staged shots. (In other words, if their portfolio includes a picture of a dad with his empty pockets turned out, run.) Look for a style that matches your own, whether it’s spontaneous and informal, or stately and dignified.

As with all vendors, it’s cheaper to hire a local photographer, since bringing someone in would mean paying all their travel expenses. However, the more remote your location, the harder it might be to find the talent you’re looking for. The other thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to get the images shipped to you, and in some situations it can be a leap of faith to assume those images will actually show up.
Worksheet for choosing a photographer

• What are your package options?
• What do you charge?
• How many hours does that cover?
• What is your overtime rate?
• Does your fee cover just the shooting, or does it include prints?
• Do you shoot film, or digital?
• Do you print on matte paper, glossy paper, or both?
• How many weddings do you do in a weekend?
• Do you have an assistant who works in the office who can handle questions when you're not there?
• Have you ever shot a wedding at my venue?
• Will you require travel expenses for my location?
• Can you provide online posting?
• Can I get the negatives or a CD with high-resolution images?

Traditional photographers often have checklists of shots to cover, but if you are going for a more spontaneous feel, ask yourself what things you would like documented throughout the course of your day and which you don’t care as much about. Also think about what shots you want for your album and what you want to frame or have blown up.

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uberbrides said...

Here's a tip - when you have a list like that that you are sending to photographers (and other vendors) be sure to fill it out with what you would like to have before you pass it around to your short list of wedding photographers.

The uberBrides Team

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