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Your Wedding Dress

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of exactly how it would look. Maybe you have no idea. Of course you want it to be a reflection of you. But with a destination wedding, it’s important that it’s also a reflection of your destination. A ballroom gown won’t work at the beach, and a casual, barefoot look will be a disconnect if you get married in a castle.

When shopping for dresses, tell the salespeople where you’re getting married and bring photos of your venue, if you have them, so they can help you find the perfect match. Also come prepared by looking through magazines and tearing out your favorite designs.

Definitely keep the climate in mind. If it’s a cold climate, find a pretty wrap or furry shawl to keep you toasty, or if it’s a warm locale, go with something more minimal and sleeveless. If your locale is super casual, feel free to just wear a flattering dress that may or may not be white. Or, heck, wear a white bikini with a sarong and hop in the ocean afterward—it’s your choice!

•Not only does your dress not have to be a dress, it doesn’t have to be white, either. Champagne, rose, or light slate gray are all nice, nontraditional choices.
•Whether or not to wear a veil is a purely personal preference, but fewer and fewer women are choosing to. The ones who do usually wear it more as a decorative hairpiece rather than having it cover their face.
•Skip the heels if you’re getting married on the beach; you might want to wear nothing on your feet but a nice pedicure, and your fiancé could opt for flip-flops.
•Wear sexy heels if you’re short (and on solid ground), or try ballet flats if you’re taller than your fiancé.
•Put things in unexpected places: Adorn your bouquet with jewelry or wear flowers in your hair.


Laura E @ Southern Weddings said...

I agree with everything you said and find this to be extremely helpful to brides. The suggestion to bring in photos of a venue is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Why does everyone in the wedding industry suggest wearing flats if my fiance is taller than me? I'm not ashamed of my height, and he's not ashamed of his - two inch heels right here!

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