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We love mixing things up every now and then. Rather than reusing and pulling from the same linen rentals all the time, we occasionally have table runners, table drapes and/or pillows custom made to add a little extra touch of uniqueness to a wedding or small event. We often scour the racks at Britex and Discount Fabrics in SF to find a pattern or texture we love, then we send the fabric off to be sewn down to the right size for an overlay, runner or throw pillow.

This year, we're searching for extra special linens for a few of our destination weddings, including one in Italy and two in Mexico. The fabric options in the Bay Area are quite extensive, so finding the perfect linen for each location is no small feat, but we have a blast searching for something that complements the location and venue of the event.

Check out our most recent trip to Discount Fabrics and you'll get a sense of the types of patterns, colors and textures we really dig.

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