Wedding Communication Breakdown

What's the most important part of a wedding that often gets overlooked? Your communication line with guests.

After years of planning, we've learned that communicating with 80, 150 or even 350 guests is no small task. The idea of calling everyone individually to answer their millions of questions (i.e. What should I wear? What's the mother of the bride wearing? How do I get there? Is there parking?) is terribly daunting. Even emailing everyone isn't easy!

This year, we have a few clients that are creating Twitter accounts for their wedding so they can send updates and info to guests, keeping everyone in the loop about decisions they make along the way. It's such a fun way to share the experience of planning a wedding, especially if you have lots of friends and family from out of town. You can upload photos of dress ideas and flowers, plus you can get inspired following other brides, designers and planners.

The wedding website is also a HUGE communication tool that isn't just a fad. Nearly all of our clients create wedding websites, which they announce when they send out their Save the Dates. The website is a perfect platform to tell guests about accommodations, travel arrangements, events throughout the wedding weekend and local attractions. It's also a great place to post photos of the two of you with your friends and family and a lot of sites conveniently allow you to track RSVPs.

A lot of our clients opt to have custom websites made, but the prefabricated website options are nearly endless. Here are a few of our favorite template sites: Project Wedding, My Wedding (particularly the Brooklyn Bride templates), Wedding Window, and Mod Wedding.

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