Dreamy Destination: St. Barth's

We're so fortunate to be working with a client we adore who is planning to get married in Harbor Island later this year. So, we've been abuzz with talk of island weddings and dreamy locations where we'd love to do weddings and this hotel called La Banane fell on our radar, making an instant impact. It's located in St. Barth's and is a very retro-chic hotel that was founded by french cabaret legend Jean-Marie Riviere back in the 50s, welcoming the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Zaza Gabour and many other legendary ladies. The hotel has been redone in recent years, but still captures that modernist charm in each of the nine bungalows.

We're still searching for the perfect St. Barth's wedding venue, but stumbling upon these amazing hotels along the way is pretty awesome. Do I sense a scout trip coming on? Perhaps! Other hotels on the island that might be worth checking out are the Taiwana and Hotel Le Toiny.

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