Vendor Spotlight: Peter Langner

Peter Langner is an amazing gown designer based out of Italy and he does the most gorgeous work. The fits, fabrics, designs, embellishments are all timeless and elegant and to die for. One of our clients who recently got married in Italy actually met Peter at a trunk show in SF, where she bought her wedding gown. She was able to have Peter attend her wedding in Ravello to help her get into her dress and he happily saw her down the aisle (photo above). Peter recently gave Alyssa a little interview and we were dying to share. So, here goes...

AB: Should brides choose their venue before or after the dress?

PL: I think that it's very important to know the location of the wedding, the type of wedding and the timing of it in order to pick out your dress. I would suggest first finding your location then getting the gown and accessories. Nothing is worse than having the wrong dress for your location.

AB: How many fittings do most people go for and how should they be timed?

PL: The number of fittings really depends on the bride's body type and her needs as well as the service that's provided by the store. I would strongly recommend against having too many fittings, as the gown "gets old," as well call it, meaning it can start to look worn before it's big debut. That said, the gown does need to look like it fits you right, so one to three fittings should do the trick. Also take into consideration that each gown design has limitations. Not every pattern can be altered, as it has been designed to look a particular way. Additionally, it's important not to do the fitting too early. Most brides will lose weight prior to their wedding. If that's the case and you did your fittings months prior to the wedding, the dress won't fit the same after your weight loss and you'll have to start all over again. So, I recommend doing the fitting 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding, unless otherwise advised by the store in which you're purchasing your dress, as all stores operate on their own timelines.

AB: How long before the wedding should the dress be purchased?

PL: When you find the right dress of course! Don't think that the more you look, the better it gets. Normally you end up just getting more overwhelmed and confused about what you want. So, trust your instincts.

AB: At the end of the night, a lot of our brides end up with dresses that are dirty, torn, even ripped in places. What's the best way to preserve the dress after the wedding?

PL: There are a few companies that specialize in wedding gown preservation. I highly recommend J. Scheer and they have offices in New York and Los Angeles.

AB: When should the dress be bustled? Should it be done right after the ceremony? Before or after dinner?

PL: I'm based in Italy and over here we rarely bustle the gown. But, you should do your bustle when you feel you need to. There's no specific timing, it just depends on your event and location, the timing of the night, and your comfort level.

PL: As an aside, I would recommend to enjoy your wedding as best as you can and let things happen as they do. You can plan things as best you as you want, but at a certain point you have to let go and go with the flow. As terrible as it might sound to have a glass of merlot spilled on your wedding gown, in good time you'll laugh about it and remember the moment you realized your wedding wasn't just about the gown. So, smile and relax and move on.

Thanks, Peter, for the awesome words of insight and advice!

Photos by Thayer Allyson Gowdy

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