Packing for a Destination Wedding

We've been going through some old files doing a little "spring cleaning," because we'd like to think it's always spring in california. And some of the really fun things to note are packing lists for destination weddings. Whether you're getting married in wine country, somewhere tropical or off in the mountains, it's always helpful to know what not to forget when you're packing. So, we've compiled a little list here of some of the most interesting things we encourage people to pack. Let us know if you have anything to add to the list!

-Vitamin C for good measure
-Vitamin E for glowing skin
-Hoodies and sweats for extra cozy down time
-Shawl or cape for windy nights
-Mini First Aid Kit (include things like benadryl, cold meds, advil, tums, pepto bismol, neosporin, allergy meds, band aids, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, vaseline, chapstick, after bite for bug bites, sunscreen, bug spray, airborne, emergen-c, etc.)
-Ginger candy, gum or tea for stomach upset
-Travel umbrella
-iPad loaded with audio books
-Wrist bands for motion sickness
-Super glue, tape, general adhesives (could come in handy if your shoe breaks)
-A great, dependable and comfortable pair of flats
-Black leggings to keep in your purse in case the temperature drops
-Noise canceling headphones
-Ear plugs
-Watch that you can adjust to your new time zone in case you run out of phone battery
-Mophie for the iPhone is great if you need extra battery juice
-Pocket translator/dictionary
-Travel app (see our previous blog post for tips)
-A copy of your passport (make sure you have one with you at all times, but also make sure you leave a copy in the hands of someone at home)
-Granola bars
-Prescription restock if there's anything you take regularly that you might not be able to fill while abroad, especially if you think you might end up traveling longer than planned
-Mini wallet and/or mini purse so you're not clunking around with the usual satchel
-Backup cards for your camera in case you run out of photos
-International adapters if traveling abroad (tip: check that your electronics will be okay at a lower voltage)
-Running shoes
-A great hat for sunny weather
-Shout wipes
-Sewing kit
-A killer pair of heels

Enjoy and safe travels!

Photo Credit: Alison Conklin Photography in a shoot styled by Styled Creative featured on Green Wedding Shoes (a.k.a. adorable engagement shoot)

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Amanda Boykin said...

Great!! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

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