Setting the date

There are lots of factors to consider in setting a wedding date, and you may already have some choices narrowed down. But when you're planning a destination wedding, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before you make your final decision.

For one thing, you’ll want to take into account the high season and low season of your chosen destination. The weather is almost always better in the high season, but that can also mean more crowds and greater expense.

Some people think holidays are an ideal time to throw a destination wedding. But consider this: You and everyone who attends your wedding will be competing with hundreds of other travelers. Airfare will be higher, rooms will be harder to come by, and every place you go will be crawling with tourists. Plus, vendors are more expensive on holidays, as well.

You should find out which weekends your chosen wedding venue is available. Also find out if there are any big events going on that weekend. You’ll want to know if the Blue Angels will be doing an air show during your wedding. And it will definitely affect things if the whole town will be closing down to attend an annual festival that weekend.

One last thing to consider? If a family member or close friend is pregnant, you’ll want to steer clear of her due date and maybe even her last trimester, when she might not be able to fly. And if there are friends or family members that you can't imagine not being there, narrow your choices to a couple of dates and then check with them to make sure there aren't any conflicts.

HINT: If you can choose a date that's a full moon, any outdoor setting will be extra romantic.


Chelsea said...

Just found your website through Snippet & Ink. I LOVE your work. Very refreshing.

kimberly said...

someone had called me to add me to your "company list" sometime back, i think you heard about me though keara fallon of metik in s.f. anyhow-i just found your blog- and have marked a day in my planner to go over it ALL! love your events!

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