Sex and the City: Lessons in Love and Commitment

Ok first things first. We LOVED the Sex and the City movie. It was a great wrap up of a fantastic show. How could you not like it? We feel like we have been following their lives for what seems like forever. It was like catching up with old friends.

We walked away from the movie feeling like the main message was about forgiveness and the importance of good communication. Miranda initially seemed to give up on her relationship too easily. She had been hurt and that's all she cared to think about instead of the events and attitudes leading up to Steve cheating. We can all relate to this but we were glad that they were able to work it out and stay true to their commitments and their family.

We also found it really interesting that one of the main reasons Big was having such a hard time getting himself down the aisle was that he didn't want a big showey wedding. While Carrie didn't necessarily want that as well, she was easily persuaded to wear the fancy dress, increase the guest count, and make it into a bigger production.

We have seen this happen in the past where the groom isn't as involved and the bride takes their details to a whole other level. Instead of basing decisions on the interests of the couple, the event turns into a vehicle for showing off money and taste. It makes "my" wedding more important than "our" wedding. This is not a good way to begin a life together and we think its essential to enter into this lifelong commitment as partners.

We encourage all the couples we work with to make decisions together. The modern wedding is no longer all about the bride which has been a great cultural shift. We love that people are celebrating in a way that reflects their individual personalities but also who they are as a couple. After all, weddings are about coming together and the joining of families. We do everything we can to understand who are clients are as individuals as well as a couple and cater to their specific needs. Planning only 12 weddings a year allows us to become great friends with all our clients which we feel very lucky about. We have been known to share a cosmo or two during our planning sessions... : )

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