Tips to make the most of your site visit.

As I mentioned before, site visits can be exhausting. But they should also be incredibly productive if you allow enough time and stay organized. Here are some tips for making the most of your site visit:

  • Make appointments ahead of time. Don’t assume that you can just drop in on vendors, and remember that weekends are their busy time. (Of course, this applies mostly to wedding DIY-ers; if you're working with me, I'll make all the arrangements for you.)

  • Print out a list of all the vendors you want to visit with their addresses and contact info for quick reference. (Ditto on this one)

  • Find out if your cell phone will work at your destination, and, if it does, set up an international plan with your service provider to keep your phone bill manageable. If you can't get cellular service at your destination through your regular provider, you can arrange to rent a phone or get a prepaid phone through a local provider once you get there.

  • If you're not traveling with a wedding planner, make sure you can get around once you’re there. You can hire a car service to take you around for the least stress and hassle. Or if you want to drive yourself, invest in a good GPS (Global Positioning System) that will let you type in the address and then navigate you to it. Or, you can go old-school and map everything out ahead of time.

  • Bring along an emergency kit with every kind of medicine you have available and can imagine taking—especially if you’re going somewhere remote.

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    Viddia said...

    Fantastic and very helpful post. Would not have thought of all that myself.

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